Besides providing project management service for your project, we provide end to end support to establish an PMO in your organization to ensure ongoing success.

TradeHub PMS (PM Solutions) is a project management service helping organizations apply project management and PMO practices to improve business performance.

It consists three primary sectors:

  1. PMO Services - Approaches to enhance PMO capabilities and improve project and portfolio performance.
  2. Program & Project Managers - Experts to help guide, lead, and support high-visibility initiatives.
  3. PM Training & Development - Training programs that strengthen project manager competencies.

PMO Services & Project Management Consulting

PMO Deployment, Operation, and Enhancement
For the past 19 years, PM Solutions has been known as a leader in PMO design and practice, bringing its clients the expertise and tools needed to help create and sustain a value-driven PMO.

Project Review & Recovery
With so much at stake, fast action is the key to avoiding losses associated with project failures. PM Solutions brings you experts who can address common areas of concern including scope, resource availability, and project controls to turn around a troubled project quickly.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Our project portfolio management (PPM) approach helps you select and manage an optimal portfolio of projects - one that maximizes your organization's responsiveness, revenues, and adaptability while keeping the projects aligned with your strategic business goals.

Project Management Maturity Advancement
We work with our clients to assess the current level of maturity, develop an achievable improvement plan, and help keep the momentum going by supporting the execution and measurement of the recommended improvements.

Organizational Change Management
Culture influences how organizational strategy is executed. As strategies evolve in response to market conditions, organizational cultures must also shift to stay competitive and profitable.

Project Management Methodology Implementation
Implementation is a collaborative process, with final methodology ownership in your hands. Our methodology implementation approaches are designed to foster acceptance and make the adoption of a standard methodology welcomed within your project culture.

Demand Management
The convergence of portfolio and resource management to meet business and project demands.

Project Management Mentors
PM Solutions' Mentors work closely with your project managers and project personnel to build project management competency while ensuring successful execution of projects.

Resource Management
PM Solutions helps you obtain, structure, and analyze your resource management information and practices to use your talent effectively and streamline resource deployment.

Vendor Management
PM Solutions has the experience to manage and work on your behalf with vendors to ensure terms and conditions are met.

Highly Experienced Program & Project Managers

We deliver projects better!

Our PM Solutions provides highly experienced program managers and project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

Flexible Enough to Meet Your Needs

Whether you require resources long term or short term, Our PM Solutions has the flexibility and talent to accommodate your resource needs.

We specialize in:

  1. Managing strategic, mission-critical initiatives: Our clients utilize our consultants when they can't afford program or project failure - even staffing companies turn to us!
  2. Recovering troubled projects: Our consultants are skilled at conducting rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track.
  3. Interim leadership: We can take charge of PMOs and similar organizations, run them for you for short or long term durations, and transition them back to you when you're ready.
  4. Filling skill set gaps: If your people are proficient in some areas but not so much in others (e.g., risk management), we can provide the expertise you need. We can also help better manage key resource dependency issues.
  5. Supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity: From Business Analysts to Project Controllers to Program Managers, we can help fill your staffing shortages.

Backed by PMI Certifications
All of our experts are PMI certified and bring our proprietary toolkit of vetted best practices, processes, templates, metrics and dashboards with them. So you not only get the benefit of leaders with an average of 15 years  of experience.

TradeHub PM College

The project management training arm of TradeHub PM Solutions, offers pm training and project management courses and programs that are tailored to address skill gaps and improve the competency of your project personnel. We work directly with companies to provide engaging project management training programs that transform the way people work.