General Questions

TradeHub is a multi-service consulting and delivery platform firm based in Calgary, AB Canada. TradeHub helps its clients make better business decisions, generating significant value in their business process, Process Automation, Service Delivery Automation and coordinating all stages from product development though marketing and service fulfilment. Its a hub of skills, experts and technology that welcomes clients for better experience. 

At TradeHUB we envision creating and facilitating new jobs locally and globally. We want job or business opportunity seekers to thrive at TradeHUB; We believe you do your best work when you feel your best doing what you love to do and greatly passionate about. and, we make it happen through our 20+ years of professional multi-dimensional world-class skills, education and combined experiences of a very dynamic HR co-ordination team who posses intuitive wisdom of people, process, technology, creativity and team-spirit. 

We are always automating business processes and offering respective services to our clients. Following out-of-box services are currently available:

  1. Web development and hosting; third party software installation, SEO, Cash Registry, maintenance and support
  2. Accounting services including Tax filing, Bookkeeping & Payroll (genubook), previous tax assessment and adjustment, business finance audit
  3. Service delivery platform for tradesmen including various cleaning, painting, renovation services via CLEANICO.CA  
  4. Real Estate Brokerage Services (REXL) - Buying, selling, leasing in residential, commercial and rural sectors. We do property management as well
  5. Business Development services including business planning, corporate registration, Operation Process Development, Franchising TradeHUB services
  6. Digital Marketing including social media, Email and SMS marketing, Content writing etc.

All custom service request follow standard project management process from initial through final deployment. 

Regardless of if you are a student, full-time employee or consultants, retired or already a business person, there is always a partnership opportunity with TradeHub. Our key philosophy is to build a multi-dimensional hub by integrating customers, service providers and service coordinators through automated business process empowered by IT. If you are interested to join TradeHub please submit your CV at https://jobs.tradehub.ca.

There two types of subscriptions and multiple fee options:

  1. Contractor or Service partner:
    1. 15% commission on each lead provided by TradeHub - You are responsible for insurance/wcb etc
    2. $250 yearly subscription & only 7.5% commission on each deal  - You are responsible for insurance/wcb etc
    3. Unit franchise owners pay franchise fees and 3% on deals provided by TradeHub. 

  2. Worker/Employee
    - Paid as per the service contract. Ideally it's hour based. 
    - If it's a project then you will need to submit your daily hours on our online time-sheet. 
    - Our office admin may assist you submitting the hours in the time-sheet system.
    - We provide WCB and insurance for the job being performed. 

Client Query

Relatively simple, straightforward projects can be as little as $1,500, whereas longer term, more complicated projects can exceed $5,000. Most of our projects fall somewhere between these two extremes. We do not offer any fixed price packages and we generally avoid templates. Before we can give you an estimate, we need to understand your individual situation. This generally requires a brief conversation about your project goals, timetable, budget, scope, and other issues.

One way to reduce or perhaps eliminate this cost might be by incorporating our real estate services. If you need a retail or office space and you assign REXL Realty as your brokerage then we can get the initial business plan developed as little as $500. 

We are willing to go the extra mile for our clients, but we cannot complete most projects in such a short time-frame. Generally, even “straightforward” business plan, marketing plan, and market research projects take at least 2 to 3 weeks. More involved projects can require several months (or longer) to assure the high level of quality and accuracy that are essential to success.

Possibly. We occasionally work with clients in this situation. You will need to do the "heavy lifting" with the market research (which can be very time consuming), while we limit our role to acting as facilitators and business advisors. This plays to our strengths and keeps your expenses to a minimum. The process typically takes several months, but results in a very strong business plan.

We meet hundreds of small business owners each year, across a wide range of industries and stages. TradeHub is already expanding through investing it's tools, capital and HR for the success of our business partners. However, we always welcome new investors to partner with us. If we mutually agree that TradeHub is a good fit, we can then define search criteria and set up a finders fee arrangement plus a small monthly retainer to cover our expenses. We will perform due diligence on potential companies and introduce you only to the most qualified candidates. Your identity and contact information will be kept strictly confidential.

Business Development Services

These are projects, efforts, programs and activities that are aimed at enhancing the productivity, profitability, growth and sustainability of large private enterprise, mainly companies and other incorporated concerns. Our solutions in this sector focuses on how to help our clients grow and expand their corporations, improve resource utilisation, new product /service introduction, cost reduction, sales volume improvement or other such targets.

We offer practical training, technical assistance or a combination of both to help clients solve their problems / challenges or to expand. Our approach is through conducting diagnostic review and a participatory approach to discuss and agree on problem areas with the client and then design or recommend a tailored solution.

Web design Services

The timescale of a website design project is often dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will make every effort to meet it for you. The most common delay in the creation and completion of a new website is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to us by the client. For most projects, we try to work within the 3-4 week time-frame. A Simple Wordpress type website can be installed within 48 hours on TradeHub web server. A site like this tradehub.ca will take 5-7 days.  

The cost of a web site varies depending on the site and complexity. A starter website containing a homepage, about page and contact page starts at $219+GST. If you give us a call we will be pleased to discuss with you,  your website design requirements and give you a quotation based on your unique needs. Please check out this page for more info.

In the majority of cases a meeting isn’t necessary and most of our websites are generally completed with contact via email and telephone only. We place suggested website designs online via, our  secure testing server for you to view the work in progress. This way we can have regular communication to ensure you are getting exactly what you expect from the TradeHub team.

Project Management Services

The cost of professional project management should be viewed relative to its contribution to the bottom line. Our clients consistently realise a significant return on their investment. By applying the discipline of standard and agile project management to an organisation's key initiatives, we successfully complete complex, deadline-driven projects. Our project managers work on-site and provide an objective, third-party view. Our project managers are PMI certified and therefore globally recognised.

You should consider TradeHUB PM (TPM) if your company lacks the necessary in-house expertise or resources to complete your projects. Some firms are faced with difficult decisions or contentious, third-party relationships that require an objective facilitator. In other cases, a company wants to learn project management best practices to establish a template for continuing success. Whatever your needs, TPM’s services will ensure expert execution of your cross-functional projects.

While TPM often uses applications such as Microsoft Project or Office Suite, we do not endorse specific project management software packages, and instead choose the appropriate tool for each client’s needs. However, tradeHub do have it's preferred PM software installed at https://pms.tradehub.ca

Business Franchise or Partnership Opportunities

TradeHub franchise is service based. TradeHub incorporated it's decades of experiences in various businesses, information technology, business process automation and above all world-class project and service delivery management. The result is a strong brand that is expanding each day.  and therefore, our potential franchisees looking to purchase a franchise will get enjoy success factors such as:

  • Access to a respected brand/product
  • Tried and tested operating methods
  • Minimised risks

We have tested each of our services during last 12 years while we build the systems and processes. Our survey revealed that among those who consulted with us, 100% are still business after 3 years, while 85% are still in business after five years.

We all know that in Canada, a franchise opens every two hours, 365 days a year and that franchising is the preferred Canadian small business expansion model.

If support is a determining factor in making your decision, bear in mind that TradeHub offers assistance in all aspects of the franchise operation; Furthermore, TradeHub does it's own corporate digital marketing called inbound lead generation which is huge success factor for our franchisees. While TradeHub manages the human resources, it makes much easier for business owner running their business when some extra help is just clicks away.

Most important matter of the fact is that this new kind of business investment start only at $15,000 for registration and 5% franchise commission that covers all administrative, IT, HR, Finance and marketing cost. There are three types of franchise and TradeHub ensures expected leads are generated for the respected franchisees.


Affiliation Opportunities

Most of TradeHub products and services requires several steps prior to completing any transaction. We call it RFP (Request For Service) Based. And, most of our products fees ranges from $500 through 35,000+ and our affiliates earns up to 50%. This is why we have an initial base contract with out affiliates that covers the above conditions. Once you identify any leads, its best you send us a quick email so you have a formal proof of reference. As soon as any leads turns into a project we enter the project in out PMS (Project Management System) and we share status with our affiliates during every milestone activities. At this stage we know the exact service fee and therefore we can have a formal contract in place. 

We payout all referral commission within two weeks of TradeHub being paid in full.  Please note that Real Estate projects takes weeks after the procession/closing date. 

Below are the few services that you can offer to your clients:

Commission (Approx)
Business DevelopmentIncorporation$899N/A$100.00

Business Plan$100025%$250

Real Estate Lease (If required)$10,00025%$2,500

Real Estate Purchase (If applicable)$10,00025%$2,500
Website DevelopmentWeb Design$100025%$250
Accounting - CorporateBasic Package (T2, bookkeeping, Payroll)$100025%$250

Small Business Package$500025%$1,250
Real EstateBuy or Sale - Example Price 500,000$9,500 (Approx)25% to you
25% to buyer/seller
Cleanico Franchise
Nursing Franchise

1 Service Franchise (4/city)$15,000 Min25%$3,750
REXL Brokerage FranchiseEach office/Location$25,000 Min25%$6,250
GenuBook Bookkeeping &
Payroll Franchise
Each office/Location$10,000 Min25%$2500
And many more ...


That means you can earn 20,000+ just from 10 referrals. Its very easy to refer 25 to 50 clients which is equivalent to any decent full-time job.