TradeHub deployed an intuitive Project Management System

TradeHub deployed an intuitive Project Management System

TradeHub has deployed an advanced project management system to better serve it's clients and hundreds of projects of various industries.

Why TradeHub PMS

If you are not a big and complex company that deals with advanced project focused on industries like science or engineering that call for a dedicated project management solution, you should consider using an online project management software instead. In this article we’ll share nice key benefits of online project management software that make it a better choice for your company than a standard, on-premise solution.

Advancements in cloud technology make it possible today to implement real-time, easy to deploy online project management software. Thanks to faster Internet speed and more efficient cloud infrastructure that can match a desktop’s computing power, a small business has access now to the best solutions manned by top developers and hawked at good subscription rates, often for only a few buck per month. Better yet, some online project management software is free or comes with a demo version so you understand what you’re getting before plopping out cash.

We have listed nine reasons in our review of the benefits of online project management software. What is the top benefit? That depends on your priorities.

1. 24/7 Accessibility

One of the immediate benefits of online project management software, 24/7 accessibility means you can work on your project anytime, anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Furthermore, most web based project management solutions work on cross-platforms; you can use the system on different computers and operating systems. Some vendors even provide a mobile version—an app or browser-based—allowing you to manage projects using your smartphone or tablet.

2. Inexpensive

Gone are the days when you need to invest a huge capital on servers and I.T. staff to implement project management software. Instead of thousands of dollars, today, you just pay a few hundred bucks every month to subscribe to online project management software. A good Internet connection and some cheap computers are all you need to run the software. You don’t even need an I.T. specialist on board; many vendors provide full technical support to troubleshoot or address the technical issues about your system.

3. Flexible

Using only the features you need now is yet one of the main benefits of online project management software. That means you only pay for the exact number of user licenses, feature, or add-ons. As your project gets complicated, you can add more features (and pay more); conversely, you can take down some features on a need basis.

4. Collaboration and sharing is easy

Collaboration is at the heart of project management. With an online solution, your team members can work together wherever and whenever they are. Cloud solutions are best for projects involving an offshore team, but any team with mobile members should benefit immensely. Imagine keeping everybody in the loop for real-time changes, updates, or notifications through smart alerts. Likewise, members can share information to each other on various collaboration levels that you set. Some can edit project plan, while others can annotate it; still others can be assigned a read-only role.

5. Support

You get access to full I.T. support to troubleshoot or address technical glitches. For a small business without a technical team that means a lot. Even if you have the budget to hire a technical person, he cannot match the level of expertise of the vendor’s specialists, who know the ins and outs of the software.

6. Fast deployment

When projects can’t wait and deadlines loom, it’s nice to know that cloud project management software can be installed, not in days or weeks, but in minutes. As soon as you’re subscribed (payments can be processed online) you get a license key to access the system. Since most online project management software products are intuitive, you and your team can get to use it in no time at all.

7. Integrated

The top project management software solutions today work well with popular business process software and productivity tools, such as, Google Docs, Zendesk, MailChimp, Salesforce, and CRM, accounting, and documentation apps. This means you can easily export/import files between these essential tools. Keep in mind that integration is critical since many projects require a close interaction between the project team, finance people, logistics department, and customer support.

8. Updated

You get frequent updates from vendor to keep your records accessible and compatible with other apps all the time. No need to worry about being unable to open a file in the future because its extension is outdated; worse, taking down the whole system some day because you need to update.

9. Easy to use

You can save time and money on employee training because tools are intuitive, anticipating new user’s FAQs. Furthermore, tutorials are kept simple, such as screenshots, videos, and tooltips.

There are few other tools that project resources will use for example online timesheet management. TradeHub will always continue to embrace latest business solutions to deliver better project Management services

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