Canadian Immigration Consulting Services

Canadian Immigration Consulting Services

TradeHUB Canada Inc. is now offering Canadian Immigration Consulting Services to everyone inside or outside of Canada. 

Our immigration consultants are experts in their field, with over twenty years of experience in Canadian immigration and our experience has lead us to a very high approval rating with our clients.    

We provide you with the assistance end to end support filling in application forms or securing an employment. We also deliver professional aid to those who are seeking work visas and progression through the immigration process. So if you need a professional, high quality service then get in touch!

Our objective is ensure each of our clients is represented properly and effectively throughout the immigration process through adequate communication, counseling, presenting available options and future opportunities to achive the best outcome in each senario.

We help you or your family or your business employees to come to Canada as per available immigration options and provide ongoing supports required to stay in Canada so that you never get an out-of-status situation.

To best assist you please share your story by emailing at cic@tradehub.ca so we can book an appointment to meet either in our office or virtually.

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